Weighing & Automation Systems
  • Design and Engineering
    Functionality, efficiency within the existing production flow as well as the investment, operational cost.
  • Customised solutions
    Taking into consideration your specific needs, filtered with our technical knowledge and provide the "best value for money" solution.
  • Project management
    Established procedures that define the communication with customers, the proper execution of plans, quality supervision, etc
  • System Installation
    Our own engineers and workshops with experienced professionals, install, forseeing and avoiding possible errors and problems.
  • Mechanical & Electrical upgrade
    Design, reform, integrate and install the necessary equipment to modernize your business
  • Weighing Systems Certificates
    Accreditation based on international standard ISO/IEC 17025
  • Commissioning & Training
    Electrical - Engineering tests, Systems Acceptance test, start - up, complete folder with instructions, operating and maintenance manuals, etc
  • Technical support
    High level of experienced technical staff is always at your disposal, offering technical support, giving diagnose in potential problems and finally solving instructions.
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