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H Acmon Weighing & Automation means of many years of experience in explosion-proof applications are able to offer complete solutions for weighing and automation use in Zones 0, 1 and 20, 21, 22.

Certified weighbridges and weighing platforms equipped with appropriate indicators of simple and complex reading or Batch processes up fillers or Crane systems are able to meet the most complex applications with corresponding certifications per case.

According to law 42/2003 and the European Directives for ATEX regulations, any company in which the production process, the material handling, the material treatment can create explosive atmospheres (sugar, starch, etc.), required to take measures to protect the workers from the risks of explosion.

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  • ATEX Certified Weighbridges
Weigh Indicator
Flexibility and power of an industrial touch screen PC, combined with the precision of a weights and measures approved weighing terminal.
  • D440 EX Indicator
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